Underage Drinking Prevention

A 30-60 minute presentation designed to help parents (or those who work with youth) understand and become more aware of issues surrounding underage drinking locally and nationally. It focuses on factors that influence underage drinking such as attitudes of parents, peers, and communities; peer pressure; availability; and media messages. It also addresses alcohol and brain development, effects of alcohol on the body, and laws pertaining to underage drinking. Finally, the presentation discusses actions adults and parents can take to address underage drinking. 

Drug Facts & Awareness

A 30-60 minute presentation for parents, youth, educators, prevention specialists, and communities who want to learn about the signs, symptoms, and effects of different drugs such as narcotics, stimulants, cannabis, hallucinogens, and others. The process of addiction is also discussed. This presentation can be modified to fit any organization, school, or agency’s needs.