Community Programs

EWAlution 96706

This dynamic partnership called EWAlution 96706 (E9) has been making a difference in Ewa Beach since 2000. The E9 coalition works to keep Ewa Beach a safe, healthy, and drug-free community for its youth and families. Supported by CDFH, E9 began through the combined efforts of invested members including youth, residents, parents, and agencies that provide services and programs in the community. Its mission is to reduce and prevent substance abuse in Ewa Beach through community collaboration and positive action. In keeping with its vision, “Ewa Beach is a place where community members, adults and youth alike, can and will create positive change,” the coalition’s goal is to work collaboratively to create positive community-level changes that will reduce and prevent youth substance abuse in Ewa Beach. EWAlution mobilizes leadership and participation from all sectors, collaborating and organizing activities to promote safe and healthy lifestyles, family strengthening, and community pride. 

The EWAlution 96706 Social Media Campaign features the people, places, and practices that make Ewa and Ewa Beach what it is today. Modeled after the popular “Humans of New York” social media campaign, the project was conceptualized with media partner Upspring Media to capture and share stories that reflect the heart and soul of the community-- the relationships, connections, and personal experience of the people that bring Ewa and Ewa Beach to life. The purpose is to increase awareness of EWAlution 96706 and build capacity by connecting community members to each other, establishing a sense of place, and creating a network of diverse community members through a broad reaching platform for sharing the stories, values, and vision of Ewa and Ewa Beach. The campaign also offers a place to reconnect, communicate, call to action, inspire, and celebrate community pride and stewardship.

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