Social Norms Media Project

To reduce and prevent underage drinking in the City & County of Honolulu, the Social Norms Media Project, an evidence-based prevention program, is adapted to be culturally relevant and effective for ages 14-17 at Kapolei High and Castle High Schools.  The project educates students on myths, facts, and messages related to alcohol and implements strategies to change the “public conversation” around alcohol use among students, staff, and the local community through campus-based media campaigns.  Advertisements, articles in the school newspaper, press releases, campus displays, and other media communicate factual information about alcohol, drugs and related topics.  A Youth Team of 10 to 14 students at each school leads the campaign activities.  Project partners include Kapolei High and Castle High Schools, PACT Kaneohe Community Family Center, Anthology Marketing Group, and the More Than You Think Campaign.