SHF Workshop Series

SHFLaauTreeThe SHF program can be presented in a workshop series consisting of five to seven weekly sessions. The series is geared to the target population with each session lasting two and a half hours.  Like the 14-week curriculum, the series includes three components: parent training, children’s skills training, and family skills training.  Sessions begin with the parents and children together for energizer activities, multicultural stories, goals/objectives, dinner, and family skills activities.  Parents and children then attend separate sessions for learning activities and skills training.  The entire group reconvenes at the end to share what they learned, practice skills, and bond with other families.  The learning activities enable families to clarify family-cultural values that form the foundation for family practices; develop skills specific to children, parents, and the family; and strengthening family relationships.  The concepts and skills taught in SHF, together with the process of reflection, awareness, and learning from each other will enable families to translate their values into the practice of building strong families.