Lifelines Hawaii

The Lifelines Hawaii program is an evidence-based suicide prevention program implemented in partnership with Kapolei High and Farrington High Schools.  The program supports youth as they face life stressors and challenges that can lead to greater risk for alcohol abuse and suicide. Lifelines Hawaii is based on a caring and competent network of school personnel, parents, and peers supported through four components:

1. School Support System
Review of the school’s planned response to suicide prevention and technical assistance to enhance guidelines for crisis response.

2. Faculty and Staff Presentations
Information and awareness about adolescent suicide and alcohol abuse, the critical role of the school, and community resources to support the school.

3. Parent Resource Packets
Information, awareness, and resources for parents about adolescent suicide and alcohol abuse, overview of the Lifelines Hawaii program, and guidelines for parental response to crisis.

4. Student Curriculum and Community Service
Five sessions conducted as part of the school’s Peer Education Program. The curriculum covers facts on suicide, the impact of alcohol/underage drinking, problem-solving and decision-making, and the students’ role in suicide prevention. Community service completes the program to raise awareness about suicide prevention and provide students with a way to connect to their school and community.