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Featured DVD’s

Bullying: True Stories

“Four young people tell their true stories about bullying. Daniel tells why he stopped his bullying behavior; Daniel’s target Courtney tells her story; Tre describes being shunned by a popular crowd; and Victor tells of being cyberbullied. We hear what actions finally stopped the bullying, and how schools and handled bullying. Recommended for grades 4 through 12, parents, and other caregivers.”
(20 minutes)

Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose

“Important fact: Drinking ‘games’ don’t have winners. They only have losers who suffer from alcohol poisoning, damage to the brain, and death. Features the story of a young man who was a victim of alcohol poisoning after playing a drinking “game”, a doctor who deals with teenagers who binge drink, and scientists who do brain scans that prove how abusing alcohol damages brain tissue. Viewing age appropriate for grades 7 through 12.”
(23 minutes)

Drugged: Marijuana, Cocaine & Ecstasy

“Drugged reveals just what the human body undergoes when drugs are introduced to its organs. Cutting-edge imaging techniques delve deep inside the lungs, heart, blood vessels and brain to give a unique inside-out perspective on its heart-racing, palm sweating and mind warping effects.” This DVD is intended for provider education and may not be suitable for viewing by youth or other clients.
(135 minutes)